Baugo Township Fire Department Logo

Jamestown UMC Honors the following:

Members of our Church Family Who Have
Served or Are Currently Serving on the
Baugo Township Fire Department

Ward Buss – father of Gary Buss
Lawrence Lechlitner – father of Carl Lechlitner
Pastor Ron Bowman – former Pastor here
Ray McCuddy – current member of our church
Larry Stickel - current member of our church
Larry Metcalf – husband of Sandra Metcalf
Dale Cook – husband of Irene Cook & father of LuAnn Pontius and Doug Cook
Weldon Salmander – husband of Janice Salmander
David Hochstetler – son of Ray & Arletah Hochstetler
Tanner Clark – current member of our church and currently on Baugo Fire Dept.
Lowell Struble – father of Larry Struble
Glen Cook – current member of our church
Robert Wernicke – father of Jim Wernicke
Mark Clark – husband of Lucille, father of Greg, Jeff, Bruce, Brice, Marcia & Marta, Grandfather of Tanner Clark
Doug McIntosh – current member of our church


Current Baugo Township Fire Department Members

Fire Chief – Brian Gonzales

Assistant Fire Chief – Jon Gonzales

Battalion Chief – Corey Cole

Captains – Scott Smeltzer, Ron Singleton, Aaron Ulrich, Mike McLain

Lieutenant – Dave Richter, Tanner Clark

Firefighters – James Carmack, Trenton Carmack, Phil Ritzma, Beth Ulrich, Tyler Ward, Mike Whittaker, Anthony Zann

Firefighter/EMT – Leah Bender, John Bowers, Brandon Carey, Todd Farrand, Andria Long, Brian Maurer, Ron Yoder

Paramedics – Doug Burgraff, Kenneth Davis, Nicole Gonzales, Brendon Goodman, Shannon Hunter, James Minker, Phil Sumpter, Jim Vance, Derek Warnke, Chris Wingard

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