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John 13:35 By this all men will know that you are my disciples...

Month 2017
January  Marcia Cook
February  Ruth Kaser
March  Sharon Hirstein
April  Jacob Koets
May  Mark Campbell
June  Andrea Loft
July  Roberta Mann
August  Mike Vogel
September  Mark Cook
October  Tami Pyfer
November  Jim Angel
December  Nate Koets


Month 2015 2016
January Maggie Farwig Linda Squibb
February Keith & Lana Berg Jake Biller
March Deb Beehler Marti Stickel
April Lucille Clark R. B. Mahler
May Mariah Rogers Ray & Betty McCuddy
June Joyce Cook Becky Metcalf
July Jim Eggleston Larry Struble
August Sandra Metcalf Rita Peat
September Greg Clark Warren Allender
October Irene Cook Jeff Clark
November Kristin Farwig Cindy Campbell
December LuAnn Pontius Tanner Clark


Month 2013 2014
January Jim Starkey Gary Buss
February Donna Swoverland Geneva Cook
March Gary Cook Bruce Clark
April Margaret Neely Jane Rapp
May Ray Hochstetler LeRoy Schrock
June Eula Geyer Larry Pappas
July Randy Beehler Faye & Homer Culp
August Larry Stickel Arletah Hochstetler
September Sue Cook Marcia & Marta Clark
October Carl Lechlitner Carolyn Landis
November Harold Sherp Becky Buss
December Jim & Helen Wernicke Sharon Shinn


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