VOLUNTEER     Volunteer Fireman Cross      FIREMAN      

In the still of the night when we’re all asleep
A demon, called FIRE, starts to creep.
It may be a car, a home or a barn.
Someone has heard and put out the alarm.

Day or night, sunshine or snow
Your fireman is always ready to go.
When the call comes in, he does not inquire
“Just how serious is this fire?”

He dons his clothes, takes off in his car
To help you and yours, wherever you are.
He does not question the location it’s in,
The place or creed or color of skin.

He buys his own equipment, we learn
But OUR Safety was his only concern.
He chances his very life for you and I,
Fireman ImageFireman Image That on each fire, no one may die.

For all of this, he receives not a cent;
Time, effort and money he’s spent.
All that he asks is your help and love
And guidance from our Father above.

by Ruth Bash, a Baugo Twp. Resident
(c. 1960)

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