June 22, 2018

Prayer List            In Need of Your Need Prayers 

Email Prayer Chain list: Ever feel a little out of the loop?  Would you like to be added to the email list for prayer requests?  Please furnish your name & email address to Sharon in the office to add you to our list.
You may also add your name to the phone prayer chain.  Just let Sharon know this also.

Please include the following people in your prayers:

Home Bound & Care Facilities: Betty Griffin, Bob & Marilyn Judson, Faye Culp, Vernice Ward, Keith Cook, Janice Salmander & Lucille Stickel.

Ongoing Health Concerns:  Jim & Nina Heminger, Sally Bostick (friend of Tammy Sue), Harold Sherp, Ruth Kaser, Jerry & Sharon Angel (brother of Jim Angel), Monica Beane, Sue Raab, Marla Dell, Marti Stickel, Kathy Eggleston, Julie Gordy, Leo Miller, Shannon Sciba, Matt Vogelzang, Kelley Kuhn, Barb Goodman and Jim Wernicke.

Last week’s Praise & Prayer requests:


Please give the following your immediate prayers:

Note: The URGENT Prayer List will be updated more often than weekly as needed.  Please check back often for those who need your urgent prayers.

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