September Fall Leaves
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Building Bridge
“Building Bridges to the
Families of the Community”

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Look What's Coming Up
17th-Devotions &
Drumming, 8:30am
20th-Devotions &
Drumming, 8:30am
20th-Bible Study, 9:30am
21st-Cub Scouts, 6:30pm
22nd-Devotions &
Drumming, 8:30am
22nd-Choir, 6:30pm
22nd-Bible Study, 7:30pm

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September 2021
Committee Meetings

16th-Trustees, 6:00pm
16th-Missions, 7:00pm
21st-Evangelism &
Hospitality, 7:00pm
23rd-Worship, 6:30pm
23rd-Church Council, 7:00pm