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Church Service Update
• February 2021 Newsletter
• Loose Coin Offering
• Mission for Church Community Service
• Devotions & Drumming
• RETA Fundraiser — March 6th
• United Methodist Men's Breakfast — March 7th
• United Methodist Men's Nelson's BBQ — March 20th
• Feed the Firemen — April 5th
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Church Service Update
Church Council met on January 28th and voted to return to "in-person" services on Sunday, January 31st.  Safety guidelines were established and are as follows: Masks and Social Distancing are required upon entering, throughout the service and until leaving the building.  No Fellowship time after service.  These guidelines will be reviewed after a period of time and may be relaxed if it is safe to do so.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
God Bless to all and be safe.

•On-line Monthly Newsletter
The February 2021, Jamestown Today, is now available.
Newsletters are in PDF format so you will need to have Adobe Reader (or an equivalent program) to view them.  Click here Newsletters or on the "Newsletters" link at the left.

• Loose Coin Offering
Hands with Coins

Our March 2021 collection will go to Habitat for Humanity.
Thank you for your generosity.

Deb Beehler, Missions Committee.



• Mission for Church Community Service
It's been a long standing tradition at JUMC to collect non-perishable food for Church Community Services on the first Sunday of each month.  Collections have been dwindling to very low levels recently.  For the unforseen future, Missions is trying to improve our contributions by designating specific products that will be chosen monthly and collected throughout the month.  At the end of the month, those items will be delivered to CCS and a new set of products chosen.  Let's work together to show God's love to our community.

Our food collection focus for 2021 is: Any Food Items, Paper Products and Personal Care Items.  Bring in your donation by the end of the month.

Missions Committee

• Devotions & Drumming
Cardio Drum With Me

Exercise your body and your spiritual mind.  Join us for Devotions and Cardio Drumming.
We will meet in the Fellowship Hall on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:30-9:15 a.m.
This class is open to all ages and all levels of fitness.  You will need an exercise ball, bucket and drumsticks.  I hope you can join us for some lively music and fun exercise.  Contact Roberta Mann or the office if you have any questions.


• Feed The Firemen Project
FiremanIn Building Bridges to the Community, Jamestown UMC is sponsoring the Feed the Firemen project.  This project involves preparing a meal for the Baugo Township Fire Department on the first Monday of each month.

What is a Volunteer Fireman? Click Here



Current members of BTFD and church members or family of a church member who are serving or have served on the department. Click Here

In "Building Bridges to the Families of the Community", we need volunteers to prepare meals for the next training session on March 1st.  A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board or contact Deb Beehler to volunteer.
This is a wonderful opportunity to provide a service to the firefighters who put their lives on the line to serve the families of Baugo Township.  The Baugo Township Fire Department is definitely a "Family" in our community.

Volunteers should prepare dishes for approximately 15 firemen.  The meal should be placed in aluminum foil pans and taken to the fire department building by 6:30 p.m.  The firemen will be involved in a training program and will eat in stages.  Using throw-away pans assures that dishes will not be lost or require pick up.  The meal should consist of meat, vegetable, salad or potato and a dessert.

• United Methodist Men's Breakfast
United Methodist Men Logo

The United Methodist Men will meet for their monthly breakfast/meeting on March 7th at 7:00am.  Please join us in the Fellowship Hall.



•RETA Fundraiser-March 6th
Click for details. RETA Fundraiser

• United Methodist Men's Nelson's Chicken/Pork Chops
Chicken BBQ

The United Methodist Men are having their Spring Nelson's Chicken/Pork Chop Sale on Saturday, March 20th at Smith's Food Mart on corner of Ash Rd. and Old U.S. 33.  See any UMM member for tickets.  Ticket pre-sale prices are $7.00 for either Chicken or Pork Chops.  At Smith's, on March 20th, Chicken will be $7.50 each and Pork Chops will be $8.00 each due to a last minute price increase by Nelson's after tickets were printed. Pit-Tatoes® are still $4.00.
Get there early and don't miss out.  9:00am to 1:00pm.


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